Photography by Paolo Lazzarotti

” My name’s Paolo Lazzarotti, I’m 43 and I’m lucky enough to live in a small village very close to some of the finest italian places like Cinque Terre National Park, Gulf of the Poets, Tuscan countryside and a wild coast line where I took some of my finest and awarded sea shots. I moved my very first steps in Photography when I was 19 with a compact film camera given by my father. I loved this gift a lot and I’ve started to look at the world around me in a different way.

” I learned everything by myself without reading any book or attending at any course. I did spend most of my time in understanding my errors and trying not have more in the future. I was aware this was certainly the most time consuming way to improve my own skills, but right now I realized this was the best way to develop my own genuine style. My favourite subjects were landscapes, sunsets and all the things strictly related to Nature. Well, I can fairly state I love Nature in all its forms even now, expecially when she reveals to me her majestic strenght making me feel a stupid thing against her.” Paolo Lazzarotti